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5th Ave Development and Metra Trains

I am a commuter.  I use the train almost every day.  While I am happy that the land around the train station is being developed, we need to make sure it is done so in a responsible and practical manner.  For example, we need more parking spaces for commuters.  To me, this is non-negotiable.  The City Council has a duty to address this pressing need when there is an opportunity to do so.  We also have to be extremely careful when it comes to traffic in that area.  We cannot let this area become a traffic nightmare.  When hundreds of people come off the train, they need to vacate the area as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  This means more parking on the south side of the tracks since the vast majority of people live south of the train station.  This also means re-configuring the lights to allow for people to depart quickly.  The lights can be timed to coincide with people getting off the trains.  Any new buildings should be 4 stories or less and we need to have ample greenspace.

Committee to Elect Bradford Miller
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